[texhax] Memoir: running chapter titles

Beverley Eyre bev at eyremail.net
Mon May 18 11:38:22 CEST 2009

I'm trying to create a book style that has the Chapter-name, 
chapter-number and chapter-title on the left header and the 
corresponding section stuff on the right. I've got the section stuff 
working, but I can't figure out what variable holds the running  chapter 

In other words, I want the left page header to be:
Chapter 3: Background
Chapter = \@chapapp
3 = \thechapter
Background = the running chapter title (Background in this example)

I can get the header I want when I use \f at rhdr, but it doesn't compile 
cleanly, and complains it doesn't know what \f at rhdr is, even tho it 
works correctly when I examine the dvi file.

So, is there a variable that will compile cleanly that holds the 
chaptertitle variable? Here's the relevant code:

\@chapapp\hspace{3pt}\thechapter:\smlspc \f at rhdr} %% (works but doesn't 
compile cleanly)
\makeevenhead{newps}{\thepage\headspc\leftmark}{}{}  %% newps is my 


Beverley Eyre
UCLA MEMS Laboratory
Los Angeles, CA
fbe2 at ucla.edu

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