[texhax] GFS Porson polytonic keymap?

Peter King peter.king at utoronto.ca
Wed May 6 14:49:57 CEST 2009

On Mon, May 04, 2009 at 10:41:43PM -0400, Peter King wrote:

> I just installed GFS Porson, which is a lovely Greek typeface, but the docs
> don't seem to say how to type in the accents/diacriticals/etc.  Does anyone
> know where I can find out? No information about this on the GFS website either,
> as far as I can tell.

Thanks to all for the replies.

My fault for not being clearer. What I was asking was this: in an environment with
gfsporson selected, what do I need to type to get TeX to produce appropriate output?

For instance, I've discovered that you get rough breathing in such an environment by
preceding a vowel with "<" (so "<o" gives you "ho"). Trial and error has got me 90%
of what I need to know. At the moment, I'm still stumped about what I need to type to
get a circumflex... "\^" doesn't work.

In case anyone wants to know, here is what I've discovered so far:


 final sigma	c
 theta		j
 chi		q
 omega		v
 phi		y


 '	acute over following letter
 `	grave over following letter
 <	rough breathing over following letter
 >	smooth breathing over following letter
 |	iota-subscript under following letter

 Combine the above for multiple diacriticals: <`|v = grave rough omega with iota-subscript

Any ideas about the circumflex?

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