[texhax] GFS Porson polytonic keymap?

Erik Norvelle signups2 at norvelle.org
Tue May 5 13:37:26 CEST 2009

Greetings Peter,

I type in polytonic Greek by using the GreekKeys Unicode keymapping  
for OS X.  GreekKeys is available here: http://apagreekkeys.org/AboutGKU.html 
  ... I believe that the 2008 version also is available for Windows.

My .tex files, therefore, are in Unicode (UTF-8) encoding.  I use the  
XeLaTeX engine for typesetting, in order to take advantage of the  
LaTeX extensions, but the plain-vanilla XeTeX (available at http://www.tug.org/xetex/ 
  , for OS X and with a port to Windows) should provide you with a way  
to directly process UTF-8 encoded TeX files.

As a result, my .tex files include Unicode polytonic Greek characters  
directly, which I type in using the GreekKeys keyboard configuration;  
Porson gets used as the output font, which I select using the Fontspec  
package (available only under XeTeX, alas).

I've attached a sample .tex file and the corresponding PDF output, so  
you can see how I set things up.

Erik Norvelle
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On May 5, 2009, at 4:41 AM, Peter King wrote:

> I just installed GFS Porson, which is a lovely Greek typeface, but  
> the docs
> don't seem to say how to type in the accents/diacriticals/etc.  Does  
> anyone
> know where I can find out? No information about this on the GFS  
> website either,
> as far as I can tell.
> I use plain TeX, so LaTeX package recommendations won't help.
> Thanks for any help!
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