[texhax] On Style File Installation for MacTeX

Justin C. Walker justin at mac.com
Tue Mar 31 06:49:20 CEST 2009


On Mar 30, 2009, at 13:48 , Muibi A Salami wrote:

> 1. I am using TeXShop and I need to install a style file (any style  
> file
> now) where do I put the style file

Typically, you would install the .sty file in your home directory, as  
   - in ~/Library/, create the directory 'texmf'.
   - the directory structure under ~/Library/texmf mirrors
     that of the global TeX directory structure
   - in my system, I have these directories
      bibtex  doc  tex
   - in ~/Library/tex, I have
     context  generic  latex  lib  plain

The .sty files go into one of the directories here.

Note that this will provide whatever you install for your own use.  To  
make it globally usable (if you have multiple users on your system),  
you will have to install it in the corresponding system directory, or  
in each user's local tree, as above.

If you install something in the global TeX tree, you have to rebuild  
the system's database of TeX knowledge, using 'texhash', run as  
"root".  If you install it in your (or other's) local trees, this is  
not necessary.

> 2. Is there a comprehensive User's manual for MacteX and if so where  
> can I
> get it.

MacTeX is just a TeX distribution, with the addition of some Mac OS X- 
specific GUI applications.  I don't think there is a manual for this,  
but there is a 'readme' file in the directory where the latter are  
installed (/Applications/TeX).  You should read that first, and follow  
the pointers there.

> 3. In particular, do you know if MacTeX comes with pstricks style? My
> attempt to use it show that the style is not there. Is this valid?

A couple of things will help you with the simpler questions:
  - <http:faq.tug.org> - a FAQ page to answer some questions
  - the command 'kpsewhich' (type "man kpsewhich" at your
    shell prompt) can tell you whether 'pstricks.sty' or
    any other file is installed on your system (and where
    it is).

> Finally, can you put me in the TUG email list so I learn from other
> peoples questions too. My email address is
> muibi.a.salami at aero.org

I don't think there's anyone manning the support phone lines :-}.   
Visit the TUG website (<http://www.tug.org>), where there is a link to  
a mailing list page that describes the various lists available, and  
provides links to sign-up pages.



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