[texhax] Pointer to TeX Sandbox Howto needed

Klaus Grue grue at diku.dk
Mon Mar 23 14:35:24 CET 2009


I need to run TeX in a chroot jail in order to allow non-trusted users to 
LaTeX documents on a server of mine.

I would be very happy if someone on this list could provide pointers to 
mailing lists, howtos, or web sites where such sandboxing of TeX is 

Alternatively, I would be happy to get pointers to small, robust TeX 
installations which run under Linux. The TeX installation needs to be 
small because I construct a new chroot jail from scratch each time TeX is 
going to run. On the other hand, the small TeX installation needs not be 
"complete" in any sense because my users can add whatever sty-files, 
font-files, and so on they would like to have in their private jail. But I 
would need a TeX installation which comprises LaTeX, BibTeX, Makeindex, 
dvipdfm, and the Computer Modern fonts.


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