[texhax] LaTeX : Section opening recto, verso blank

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Mar 15 10:43:07 CET 2009

Uwe Lück wrote:

> According to my understanding of titlesec, you want to have sections of 
> titlesec class "page" (like standard \part), not "top" (like standard 
> \chapter). With such a declaration, you needn't care any more about 
> \clear... Actually, \cleardoublepage skips the next page if it is even 
> (\if at twoside), so there is no need for an extra algorithm deciding 
> whether to \clearpage or to \cleardoublepage.

Thank you, Uwe : as far as I can see, "page" not
only generates an "opening chapter style" page
(which I don't want, for sections) but it also
doesn't solve the problem of a section finishing
verso -- the next section starts recto on the
same spread (sample attached).

** Phil.

% (1) Make blank pages really REALLY blank

\let \LaTeXcleardoublepage = \cleardoublepage

\def \cleardoublepage
             \columnseprule = 0 pt
             \pagestyle {empty}%

% (2) Extra "cleardoublepage" for section

\def \Section #1
      \def \sectiontype {#1}
      \section [\sectiontype]{\this \sectiontype}
      \input Byz-#1.dat

(3) Titleclass declaration

\titleclass \section {page}


(4) Usage

\Section {Symbols}
\Section {Incunabula}

% (5) Results : in attachment
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