[texhax] LaTeX : Section opening recto, verso blank

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Sun Mar 15 08:47:30 CET 2009

At 11:09 14.03.09, Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) wrote:
>Dear Colleagues -- For a forthcoming book, I would
>like opening section pages to invariably have a
>blank verso counterpart.
>and sections have been designated as being of
>class "top" (titlesec) in order to force them
>to start recto.
>I would be very grateful if anyone could suggest how
>this could best be achieved without manually inserting
>\clearpage or \cleardoublepage commands (i.e., I would
>like the code to determine algorithmically if the previous
>section has finished verso, and if so, to leave two blank

According to my understanding of titlesec, you want to have sections of 
titlesec class "page" (like standard \part), not "top" (like standard 
\chapter). With such a declaration, you needn't care any more about 
\clear... Actually, \cleardoublepage skips the next page if it is even 
(\if at twoside), so there is no need for an extra algorithm deciding whether 
to \clearpage or to \cleardoublepage.

-- Uwe.

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