[texhax] Sir, please can you help me?

Raju Grover rajurenjitgrover at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 9 05:56:26 CET 2009

Respected Sir,

Please can you write a Tex macro for me. I am willing to pay you for it, so please also sent me your account details so that I may deposit the amount you specify.

This is what I want to write in my paper.

A_1-Theorem. . . .
Proof. . . .

A_2-Theorem. . . .
Proof. . . .

And so on.

So if I write


then there will be dot before A_1-Theorem, . . .

So I need to get rid of that dot. So can you please write a theoremstyle which does not have a dot in headpunct. I do not think I can use a new style file. I am not a master of Tex. I know just enough for my purpose.

Thanking you

Your sincerely

Raju Grover.

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