[texhax] Tex question - cases environment

Angela Rademeyer angela.rademeyer at opsi.co.za
Sun Mar 8 10:59:38 CET 2009

Thanks, I had made that modification but I realise now that it is failing for me as I am running the code after this command:
Is there a way to get it to work inside a table?

Thanks again,

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On  6 Mar, 2009, at 02:58, Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:

>> Thanks for the help. When I run the version below I get this error:
>> [snip]
>> \begin{flalign*}
>> a_{ig} =
>> \begin{cases}
>> 1 & \text{if customer $i$ belongs to profile group $g$}\\
>> 0 & \text{otherwise} \\[.3cm]
>> \end{cases} && %% <------------------ these two && \end{flalign*}
> Axel's mailer seems to wrap lines that it shouldn't

Oh! I see. I'll try to be more careful.

Thank you.


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