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Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at fastwebnet.it
Mon Mar 2 23:26:21 CET 2009

> > However, whilst the following is correct:
> > between \textit and \emph?" And the answer is that while \textit 
> > switch the
> What is the difference between while and whilst?

Similarly to "amidst/amid" and "amongst/among", there is no difference as

>From Wikipedia:

Whilst is synonymous with while in standard British English and Australian
English; in American English and Canadian English, it can be considered
pretentious or archaic.

Whilst is chiefly used in British English and Australian English. Whilst is
synonymous with while in standard English, although to many it sounds
slightly old-fashioned, and is rare or archaic.  In their style guides, some
modern publications on both sides of the Atlantic disapprove of its use
(along with "amidst" and "amongst"), for example:

    * Times Online Style Guide: "while (not whilst)"
    * Guardian Style Guide: "while not whilst"
    * Hansard: the Canadian Parliament record: "while not whilst"

Cheers,   Phli

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