[texhax] Request for Help

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI eduardo at kalinowski.com.br
Fri Feb 27 17:14:15 CET 2009

Jean-Guy Murray escreveu:
> Hi, I am new to LaTex and although I have managed to use LaTex for
> short articles and reports, I have now experiencing problems to insert
> images (graphics) in  LaTex documents.
> On Febuary 22, I forwarded a request for help regarding this problem,
> but so far I did not get an answer.

That's strange, I saw several answers:


> Is this because I am not a member of the TUG? If I should join the
> user group would I optain this kind of support?

Support is open for anyone, being a member of TUG or not should make no

However, if you are not subscribed to the texhax mailing list you may
miss some replies. I'd recommend you subscribing the mailing list, or
checking the web archives. Information on both can be found at


Eduardo M Kalinowski
eduardo at kalinowski.com.br

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