[texhax] diagrams on Windows

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Wed Feb 25 09:56:03 CET 2009

David Romano wrote:
> A student of mine who is starting out with LaTeX on Windows, is in need of 
> a way to produce diagrams. (She writing a paper in 2-dimensional category 
> theory, if that helps.)
> Her operating system is Windows XP and she uses WinShell as a front
> end.  She tried to follow directions for the diagrams package by Paul 
> Taylor, which says to copy the macros on his website into her TeX macros 
> directory, but she doesn't know where that would be, and I can't help her 
> because I know absolutely nothing about Windows or how TeX is ported to 
> it.
> I'd be grateful for any help or direction!
> Thank you,
> David Romano

why don't you use XY-PIC (the xy package) or TikZ instead, both are 
distributed with MikTeX.

If I remember right the diagrams package has some rather interesting 
license issues that most users of that package is not aware of.



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