[texhax] Numbering/labeling verbatim code segments in a document

Don Gingrich gingrich at rmit.edu.au
Sun Feb 15 08:05:27 CET 2009

I'm sorry to bother folks with what I suspect is a simple

I've got a big document with a number of 68K assembler
code segments embedded in the verbatim environment.

Since I am copying these code segments to proper source
files and testing them, I would like to:

1) Have them numbered/identified as <chapter>.<segment>
   in the text
2) Have them captioned with a short description of what
   they do so that I could have the equivalent of a 
   table of figures that meaningfully lists the code 
   snippets, where they are in the text and the description

This also means that, if I pass the original files to the 
students, they will be able to easily load and experiment with 
the code while reading the text.

Possibilities that I have considered:

some of the code environments - but none seem to do quite the right

looked at the equation stuff too, but that doesn't look right either.

Sorry to impose, but I'm right up against a deadline.


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