[texhax] \url with space (%20)

Sharon Baker grover2 at asu.edu
Thu Feb 12 07:23:12 CET 2009

Hello guys,

I'm new to this email list.  I looked in the archives and found  
related topics, but not the answer I'm looking for:

To write my thesis I'm using apacite and BibTeX.  In the bib file I  
have a reference that contains a URL and I'm using \url.  My problem  
is that the URL contains a space (which is replaced with "%20" by the  
browser).  We all know that % begins a comment on that line, so in  
order to escape, we use a \ in front of the %.  However, what happens  
to my bib entry is that it ends up printing the \ before the %20 so  
the URL will be invalid when "copy-pasted" from the PDF.  How can I  
not print the escape character '\' in the URL and still print the % 
20?  I also tried leaving a space between "Alternative" and "methods"  
instead of using the \%20 but the \url package ignored the space and  
merged the two words (which is also inccorect).

This is my entry:

   title = {The {D}irect {M}ethod},
   author = {Ludescher, Franz},
   year  = {2006},
   howpublished = {Retrieved January 29, 2009, from:



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