[texhax] Wrapfig

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it
Fri Feb 6 11:19:40 CET 2009

> On  6 Feb, 2009, at 03:30, Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:
> >> I am Using wrapfig package for adjusting the pictures.
> >>
> >> Could you please help me with the Commands by which i can use this 
> >> package.
> >
> > You mean like do a digest of the short and simple instructions (and
> > examples) you can read in the wrapfig.sty file?
> It's not really clear one can read the manual of wrapfig en the .sty  
> itself ---at least in TeXLive, if you want the manual for, say,  
> geometry, you just type in a terminal `` texdoc geometry '', and you  
> can read all about the package in the geometry.pdf file. And that's  
> the same, if memory serves, with all the packages I use..., except  
> wrapfig.
> If you do ---again, in TeXLive--- texdoc geometry, you're 
> taken to the  
> instructions... in Polish.
> I learnt of wrapfig and learnt how to use it in TLC, 2nd ed.; much  
> later I realized that at the bottom of the .sty file there were the  
> instructions to use it.

Point taken: it was an old usage before the more professional era. 

Still, many sty files do at least contain hints as to how to use the
package.  And it usually is the case that if there isn't a proper manual,
then instructions are provided somewhere in the sty file.

Cheers, Phil

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