[texhax] Installing TeXnic Center on a flash drive

Baskin, Robert (AHRQ) Robert.Baskin at ahrq.hhs.gov
Mon Feb 2 17:13:03 CET 2009

I couldn't find anything that addressed this so I'll try here - sorry if
it is the wrong kind of question:

I want to install/run TeXnic Center on both my home Windows and work
Windows machines.  The main issue is that I cannot write to the registry
on my work machine.

I installed everything on the home machine in the c: drive and
everything ran fine - thanks for the beautiful package.

I tried to install MikTex 2.7 on the c: drine on my work machine and it
gives me an error message that it cannot write to the registry.

Next step, I uninstalled everything and installed MikTeX + TeXnic Center
on a flash drive.  Now TeXnic Center starts fine and builds on my home
machine from the flash drive.  On the work machine TeXnic Center starts
fine but refuses to build.  I get an error message:

Initexmf.EXE: No formats.ini exists
(Fatal format file error: I'm stymied)

The formats.ini was originally in E:\MiKTeX 2.7\miktex\config but
copying it to other folders didn't help.

Any hints on how to fix this error or is it hopeless?  Any hints on how
to work around the registry problem in some other way?  Can it run off
of a DVD?  I like the flash drive because I can keep the working files
there and transport them back and forth.


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