[texhax] Overriding page layout defaults in glossaries package

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Mon Apr 27 11:27:40 CEST 2009

Hi Toni,

Quoting Toni Farley (lukkytoni at yahoo.com):
> I'm using glossaries.sty to create a glossary. My glossary is two pages
> long. Each page has a different page style (first page style is set to
> empty), and page layout dimensions (\topmargin, etc.) I need to format
> both pages to look the same, but cannot find any information in
> glossaries.sty, the manual, or the web, to do this.
> I suspect this is a common problem with packages. Is there some common
> way to override package layout settings and default to existing settings? 

there are several ways, but to override something, you need to know what.
I guess that the differences in page style have nothing to do immediately
with creating a glossary, but with this glossary being treated as another
chapter of your book. I have no experience with glossaries, and no idea
about the document class you are using, so I cannot help you any further.
How about providing a minimal example?

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