[texhax] Information about document in the document

E. Krishnan ekmath at asianetindia.com
Wed Oct 8 01:19:50 CEST 2008

On Tue, 7 Oct 2008, Tom Backer Johnsen wrote:

> For some of the documents I write I would like to include a line in the
> upper left corner of the first page containing (a) the directory and
> name of the main file, and (b) the date and the time the document was
> printed.  At the same time I would like to drop the date that appears by
> default when using the \maketitle command.

This is one way of doing it in a linux system


     \printfilename \today\ \printtime}}

    \immediate\write18{pwd > path.tex}{\input{path}\llap/\filename}}


\settowidth{\taglen}{\printfilename\ \today\ \printtime}


\title{An experiment}

This is a test


This is a test


You may have to compile by

   latex -shell-escape  filename


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