[texhax] printing fonts... off topic...

George Georgalis george at galis.org
Fri May 23 21:58:08 CEST 2008

Hi All, I hope this list is not strict about off topic questions.
Not sure where else to get better info. Please disregard or
respond off list with complaints I'll forward summary to the list
if that is warrented.

I've come across PDF files that I can read fine on screen but
which contain fonts that don't print, for example


I can read "Science&Technology" across the top, even copy that
text on screen. But, it's not on the printout, neither the
paragraph headings.  I'm using mac (leopard/preview) to view/print
the doc. In the past I've tried a variety of pdf transforming; the
only way I was able to make it work was making a tiff file which I
cold print, with obvious limitations/problems.

Why does this happen/how can I avoid it in my docs?  Is there a
way to fix it for a complete printout?

// George

George Georgalis, information system scientist <IXOYE><

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