[texhax] How to restore \leftmark?

Marcus Vinícius Midena Ramos marcus.ramos at univasf.edu.br
Tue May 13 20:06:50 CEST 2008


I understand that the \leftmark command contains the text for the
headings of a page (in this case, the chapter name), and is updated
every time the \chapter command is issued. However, the \chapter* does
not update \leftmark accordingly and I have to do this by hand, as

\leftmark {some-text}

This works well, except for the fact that all uses of the \chapter
command after the line above will not update the headings to the name
of the current chapters, which remains, in all chapters, "some-text".

My question is: how can I restore \leftmark to its original definition
before the \leftmark was issued? Or, if easier, how do I make the
\chapter* command update the headings of the page correctly (i.e, the
contents of \leftmark command)?

Thanks in advance,
Marcus Ramos.

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