[texhax] pdfTeX warning.

Manoj Kummini kummini at math.ku.edu
Tue May 6 00:07:15 CEST 2008


In a file that I am trying to compile with pdflatex, I have the following

characteristic of the field. See~\cite{eiscommalg} for the definition of

I am calling hyperref with 

\RequirePackage[pdftex,pagebackref=true,breaklinks=true,colorlinks=false,plainpages=true,pdfborder=0 0 0]{hyperref}

Now, the \cite command works correctly, but I get the following warning 

! pdfTeX warning (dest): name{cite.eiscommalg} has been referenced but does not
 exist, replaced by a fixed one
In the pdf file, the label for this citation appears as a clickable
internal link, but when I click on it, it goes to the first page, and not to
the bibliography. This problem does not occur for \ref, though; I can get
to the correct \label, by clicking on those links.

I saw multiple references to this problem in the context of footnotes on
various mailing lists, but none in the context of bibliography. How can I
fix this?

Thank you.
Manoj Kummini
Graduate Student, Dept. of Mathematics, The Univ. of Kansas,
Lawrence KS 66045 USA.  38 deg 55 min N, 95 deg 14 min W.

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