[texhax] Local tree for MikTex

Bernice Barnett jbbrus at ca.rr.com
Fri Feb 15 20:32:41 CET 2008

I've recently downloaded 2.7, deleted 2.4, then installed MikTeX 2.7 for 
"everybody on the machine". The settings dialogue shows potential texmf 
roots in individual users' local documents and settings (though I don't 
see the directories). There are comments that say not to modify these 
directories since MikTeX might do so.

I want to add an addition root to hold a few home-brewed sty files. It 
is not clear from the documentation whether, if I do, I must add a new 
root per user or whether an addition is for all users. Some clarifying 
explanation of the philosophy would be useful.

-- Jeff Barnett

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