[texhax] TeX to (editable) Word?

Ahmed Shehada ahmed.shehada at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 19:24:53 CET 2008


 Just a quick question on the compatibility of TeX. I understand the primary
output of the SW is in PDF or DIV format, with the possibility of getting
other formats like HTML, RTF, and more. I was also told about other tools
that convert TeX to word docs, however, from what I've seen so far I
wouldn't be able to edit the math formulae in MS Word.

I will be preparing some course notes that include many Math equations, so I
wanted to use TeX for it's easy of dealing with equations but at the same
time make the notes available in (editable) MS Word format for my colleages
who would like to review/edit these notes but do not use TeX.

Your help is appreciated.

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