[texhax] current position in output

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Sun Dec 28 03:13:06 CET 2008

At 16:53 27.12.08, Cihan . wrote:
>Is there any command or way to get the current output position (xy 
>coordinate) of things. I need a comand that can capture the position like
>\xyposition{words or things in there}
>so i can use them in a if command and create the output as I want. Or, is 
>there a way to writing these information to .aux file and using them by 
>reruning LaTeX. Although LaTeX is doing the page layout, I need more 
>control on position of things in output.

In order just to obtain the page number: \pageref{foo} is the number of the 
where \label{foo} is -- roughly ... this works with the LaTeX kernel already,
no special package needed.

-- Uwe.

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