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Christopher Olah christopherolah.co at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 01:16:52 CET 2008


> I need a comand that can capture the position like
> \currentpagenumber

Page number and similar are stored as counters in LaTeX. Here's a
useful link in that regard:

> Is there any command or way to get the current output position (xy
> coordinate) of things.
> \xyposition{words or things in there}

As for your first question, I don't know the answer. But I do have a
few ideas on where to get them.

 This sort of thing _should_ be a part of TeX, so you may want to look
at the relevant documentation. I don't have a copy of the TeXbook my
self so I generally reference TeX by Topic which is free and will
likely have the answers your looking for.

 Someone will probably come along with the answer shortly, but if your
in a rush the source code is always the best documentation... Maybe
look at the code for the pspicture environment? It goes and makes
LaTeX jump around on the X and Y axis...

If you are asking because you want to put something at a particular
point on a page, look at \rput from pstricks.

Best of Luck!


Christopher Olah
Email:   christopherolah.co at gmail.com

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