[texhax] suppress part number

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Dec 22 09:06:41 CET 2008

[re-posted 2008/12/09 without HTML, I hope, sorry, U. L.]

At 18:10 09.12.08, Loeghmon T. Nejad wrote:
>Is there a way to suppress part number such that the entry appears as 
>"Part Primary Education" instead of "Part I Primary Education", in the TOC 
>and everywhere? Thanks.



somewhere in the document preamble (after \documentclass) OK?
What I wonder about: "Part" doesn't appear in the TOC anyway.

For ways of using your own design without dirty tricks, there are
nccsect.sty from the ncctools bundle and the memoir class.

Hope this helps,

Uwe L.

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