[texhax] pack'n'go latex files

Dan Christensen jdc at uwo.ca
Wed Dec 10 22:58:53 CET 2008

Herbert Voss <Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE> writes:

> Steve Schwartz schrieb:
>> Today, after another request, I had a go at this by writing a script
>> that searches through the log file, finds all the graphics (they are
>> called out with a very specific form: <use /home/me/images/file.png>),
>> generates a shell script that then copies these all, together with the
>> latex source, to a target directory, and finally tar's it up. I append
>> the script in case anyone finds it useful.
> http://dante.ctan.org/CTAN/help/Catalogue/entries/mkjobtexmf.html

I put


before the \documentclass line, and it produces a .dep file containing
(most of) the .sty files used (not sure why it misses some).  Then I run

  bundledoc <file>.dep

which makes a .tar file with the required files.

This doesn't handle the images used, but is useful for archival purposes
in case I need to re-run latex some time far in the future and want to
use exactly the same .sty files.

I'm curious how it compares with mkjobtexmf, if anyone knows.


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