[texhax] Tex - PDF fonts are not embedded

zohar at math.haifa.ac.il zohar at math.haifa.ac.il
Wed Dec 3 19:49:39 CET 2008

Dear system support team member,

I am using Tex to create PDF files.
When I am trying to include Postscript files in the Latex file, in the dvi file
created by Tex, some of the fonts are not embedded. As a result, though the
plot is presented, some of the fonts (e.g., the titles) do not appear in the
PDF file.
Could you please advice me how to config either Tex, or the Postscript file
to overcome this problem ?
I know that this type of problem is often generated by Gnuplot.
I was told that one way to deal with it is to add the gnuplot script the
following line:
set terminal postscript eps enhanced "NimbusSanI-Regu" fontfile
 "uhvr8a.pfb" 26

However, I have no idea how to config the plot created by Tex.
Thank you in advance,
Zohar Naor

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