[texhax] blank page

Steven Jonak JonakSt at gw.kirkwood.k12.mo.us
Fri Aug 29 01:43:56 CEST 2008

Sorry if this is a silly question...I truly have been looking everywhere I know to look for an answer.  I've been using LaTex for a few months and am now trying to go beyond what I usually use it for.

Here's what I've got:


\title{Advanced Placement Calculus}
\author{S. Jonak\\Kirkwood High School}
\maketitle \tableofcontents
\chapter{Precalculus Review}
\section{Functions and their Graphs}

What I'm getting is a blank page immediately after my title page with roman numeral ii in the header, then my table of contents, then another blank page with roman numeral iv and then finally a page with Chapter 1 on it.

What is causing the blank pages?  Can I get rid of them?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

S Jonak
"Maintain an even strain."

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