[texhax] TeX command works for "1 Foo" but not for "11 Foo"

martin f krafft madduck at madduck.net
Wed Oct 31 11:55:15 CET 2007

also sprach Morten Høgholm <morten.hoegholm at gmail.com> [2007.10.31.1143 +0100]:
> \if does compare tokens but first expands them. Hence \@empty is
> expanded (to nothing) and then the next two tokens are compared. If
> the date is the 10th, 1 and 0 are compared. If the date is the 11th, 1
> and 1 are compared.

Well, this is starting to make sense. So in the case of the 11th,
1 and 1 are compared and found to be equal, which means that the
remainder of #2 is printed before the \relax:

  Oct 2007\relax

> The source where you learned about using \if ought to be clear on
> this, be it a book or a TeX hacker.

I am sure I just hacked this up from looking at .sty and .cls files.
It's not like I know of a good TeX reference that goes into these
levels of detail. TeX to me is still black magic.

Thanks for your time!

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