[texhax] Not-for-print pages in LaTeX output

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI ekalin at laposte.net
Fri Oct 26 16:15:33 CEST 2007

Dan Hatton wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have a LaTeX document (currently standard article class, although
> this will have to change at some point,) which, when it eventually
> gets submitted to a journal, will be intended to have only what's
> before the \appendix{} command included in the print version of the
> journal, with the material after the \appendix{} command being
> electronic supplementary material.  I'd like this structure to be
> reflected in the pre-submission draft versions I distribute
> electronically to colleagues, i.e.~for the postscript or PDF file
> generated by latex/dvips or latex/dvipdf, by default, to show
> everything when viewed on-screen, but only what's before the
> \appendix{} command when printed.  Any ideas, please?
If there is nothing after the appendices, you can just put
\end{document} and everything after it will be ignored.

If not, the comment package can help you.

To order, call toll-free.

ekalin at gmail.com

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