[texhax] picture on the cover

Natércia Fernandes natercia at eq.uc.pt
Mon Oct 22 20:32:01 CEST 2007


I'm writting a document (document class scrbook, twoside) and I would like to:
1. get the page of the title with a different color
2. include a picture on that page.

For 1. I've tried
but I get *two* pages colored (the front and the back, pages 1 and 2).

For 2. I've tried
(the picture appears on page 2, the back of the first sheet).
and also
(the piture is inserted on page 3 only)
Since I want only the picture to appear in the first page, I even tried
but the picture goes to page 3.

Can someone give me a hint?
Thank you very much,

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