[texhax] Minimizing the Minimalist Scheme

Richard David Sherman rdsherman at adelphia.net
Sat Oct 20 02:15:30 CEST 2007

Near the beginning of this year I downloaded TexLive & installed
a LaTex "minimal scheme" on my Slackware Linux box. I only added
packages for Times & Helvetica that I use exclusively. Everything
functions absolutely perfectly!

However, I have discovered that of order 80% of the disk space is
consumed by Knuth's CM fonts ... & I never use these.

Now, I am a minimalist ... to an extreme!

So, my question to you is this. How can I perform an installation
that completely excludes these fonts? In perusing the directory
structure I found references to CM fonts scattered all over the
place so a simple delete will not work.

Thank you for your assistance.

Richard David Sherman
rdsherman at roadrunner.com
310 829 0403

PS I am quite experienced in composing Bash scripts & tweaking
Linux systems from the command line.

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