[texhax] Need help interpreting extended TEX font layout

Susan K. Pinter pinter at unm.edu
Mon Oct 1 19:23:54 CEST 2007

Dear TUG,

I am typing a paper that is written in the Polish language.  There are only 
a few characters that are considered "special" that I need to use as most 
of their alphabet is similar to our american/english language.  These 
characters are included in Table 9.1 on page 261 of the LaTex Companion 
(copyright 1994 version).  I am under the impression that I can access 
these special characters by using the command \symbol with the encoding 
scheme found in Table 9.1 but I am unable to figure out what codes to use 
in braces after the \symbol command.

The 3 characters (or international symbols) that I need are the "a" and "e" 
that both have a hook off the bottom of the letter that hooks to the right 
and the letter "l" with a slash through it.  The special "a" character is 
found in column A0, row 2; the "e" is in column A0, row 6; and the "l"  is 
in column A0, row A of Table 9.1.

Can you help me with interpreting how to access these symbols?  I am using 
a PC running Windows XP and using MikTex/WinEDT with version Latex 2e.

This may be another problem altogether, but I've also tried running the 
MikTex Update Wizard to update my software.  When the MikTex Update Wizard 
first pops up with the Update window, I click on Next, then select 
"Internet" for downloading the packages.  I get the error message "Cannot 
download the list of available package repositories: Not Found.  Any idea 
what is the problem or what I need to do to update my program?

Thanks! Susan

Susan K. Pinter
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