[texhax] Beamer graphic question

David Afshartous dafshartous at med.miami.edu
Mon Nov 19 17:18:14 CET 2007


The code below compiles fine in a paper I have, but when I try and put it in
a beamer presentation I receive the error that "ps" is unknown file format.

\begin{center} \label{sim-patient-proc}
  \rotatebox{-90}{\includegraphics[scale=0.6, bb= 0 0 445 792,
 \caption{Simulated Patient}
\label{Simulated Patient}


I tried playing around w/ the included packages but didn't have any luck.
The packages of the paper are:

\documentclass[11pt, letterpaper]{article}

The packages of the beamer presentation are:


In the beamer presentation I've also included a pdf figure successfully.  Is
it that one cannot include both pdf and ps files in the same document?


dafsahrtous at med.miami.edu

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