[texhax] Hyphenation in tabular environments

Donald Arseneau asnd at triumf.ca
Fri Nov 16 17:20:17 CET 2007

"Martin Schröder" <martin at oneiros.de> writes:

> 2007/11/16, Paul Cook <pcook at caltech.edu>:
> > I'm trying to get reasonable (if not necessarily perfect) hyphenation in
> > tabular environments in LaTeX2e. Currently, for long words in thin
> > columns, I only get hyphenation if I explicitly indicate hyphenation
> > locations with \-
> TeX doesn't hypenate the first work in a paragraph (and a tabular cell
> is a paragraph).
> Try inserting \hbox{}. And have a look at the ragged2e package.

I can't imagine any way that \hbox{} could ever help.

Starting paragraphs with \hspace*{0pt}\ignorespaces would work.

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