[texhax] unexplained space

Randy Schilling RChilling at comcast.net
Tue May 8 19:19:58 CEST 2007

	       Some of my macros yield unexpected space to the left and/or
right of what is the expected return.

                   Eliminating this space is my problem.  I don't know what
causes it,

	      loops, conditionals,  techniques like that used in the length
macro, p219 of the TeXbook.	

                    I can see no pattern to the amount of such space but the
amount is usually reduced 

		by tightening up on the code,  by that I mean  removing gaps
between statements of the code  

		(gaps that for most macros I would  leave just to maintain

                    This tightening reduces the code to one long line, gaps
only at points where, well, without them there

                    is no output or the output is incorrect.  One example of
such a necessary gap is between

                    the definition of a count register and an \if.  Like I
said, tightening helps but it does not eliminate  all the

                    unexpected space.

                    I wonder if anyone out there has had experience with
this problem; if so I would be very grateful

                    for a hint on how to deal with it.  In any case, thanks
very much and have a great day.


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