[texhax] Hyperref problem

Michael Barr barr at math.mcgill.ca
Mon May 7 18:21:18 CEST 2007

I have never used hyperref myself (although maybe I should, now that I see 
how nice it is) but I am having a problem with a paper for the journal I 
act as editor for.  What an \href does in the dvi file is to underline the 
reference, and in my Yap, v.2.4 viewer, these underlined references 
actually work, although Yap inquires if it is ok to run the browser.  That 
surprised me and it obviously depends on the viewer.

The problem happens when the reference turns out to be hyphenated.  In the 
example below, the reference is broken at an actual internal hyphen.  The 
result is that the entire next line, not just the reference, is 
underlined.  If the result is converted to pdf, only the actual reference 
is put in a colored box.  

Here is a file that illustrates the problem:

\textwidth 6.3in


J.~Fuchs, I.~Runkel and C.~Schweigert, \textsl{ TFT Construction of RCFT
  Correlators I: Partition functions},
\newblock Nucl. Phys. B \textbf{ 646}, 353--497 (2002),



Michael Barr

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