[texhax] kerning problem when using MinionPro

Yuri Robbers yuri.robbers at gmail.com
Mon May 7 17:05:53 CEST 2007

Dear All,

I am typesetting a collection of short stories with the Adobe Minion Pro
fonts I've bought with this purpose in mind. I'm using the MinionPro package
from CTAN , and have set up the font files and all the necessary auxiliary
files exactly as described in the documentation with that wonderful package.

Now everything works fine, except for one niggly-naggly little problem.
Sometimes an apostrophe is used, such as in "She'd" or "Don't". Of course
this literary practice is frowned upon in formal documents, but in fiction
it is often unavoidable, as it is in many instances in this collection. The
problem I encounter is that the kerning of that apostrophe is wrong when
using MinionPro. It looks like pdfLaTeX has typeset - for example - "shed"
and squeezed in an apostrophe as an afterthought, rather than typesetting
"she'd", as it should do.

Now I can of course experiment a bit with manual kerning, and come up with
the right numbers to go with the \kern commands before and after the
apostrophe, but is there a way to fix things documentwide, preferably in my
preamble? Can I set a specific kerning for the apostrophe when used this
way, without having to hand-fix every single instance? And can I do this
without messing up the quotation marks, which in my source file are
designated by the exact same symbol of course. Also, it would be highly
preferable to be able to fix things in the source file I already have rather
than having to go through 80,000+ lines of LaTeX source code in order to
replace any apostrophe used in, for example "don't" or "you'd" with
\apostrophe while leaving the quotation marks or a use like "in the
'eighties" intact. I know one could use regular expressions, but still...

It may or may not be interesting to know that my document has been typeset
in LaTeX, using the Memoir class by Peter Wilson.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,
Yuri Robbers.
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