[texhax] texlive2007 in Ubuntu

Axel E. Retif axretif at igo.com.mx
Fri May 4 15:15:54 CEST 2007

On  4 May, 2007, at 07:37, TEDY wrote:

> I have installed TeXLive 2007 in my Ubuntu Linux. How can I configure
> Linux so it read from my texlive directory instead of the latex
> directory that already installed by Ubuntu?
> The default latex directory is in /usr/bin/latex. My texlive directory
> is /home/tedy/texlive/2007/bin/i386-linux/. I don't want to use
> default latex installation, I want to use my texlive installation.
> After read texlive 2007 manual, I try to use these command :
> $ PATH=/home/tedy/texlive/2007/bin/i386-linux:$PATH export PATH
> It's works, but when I restart the system Linux return to see default
> PATH (/usr/bin/latex).

You have to put that line in your .profile or .bash_profile. (I don't  
use Linux, but Mac OS; nevertheless, it's the same.)

If you have a .bashrc in your $HOME, it only works for non-login  
shells, that's why you have to create a .profile or .bash_profile in  
your $HOME directory if either of them does not exist. (See your  
Linux manual for help; I'm sure they have some sort of indications.)



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