[texhax] Add Tex Package

bedl at post2.tele.dk bedl at post2.tele.dk
Wed May 2 12:33:51 CEST 2007

I have installed TeXLive/LaTeX from CD, and it works. I have installed packages from CTAN with success. Now I want to install a package by help of Maintenance/Add Tex Package, but that does not work, neither "from Loacl Directory/ZIP files" not "from Internet Download".
Can anybody tell me what the reason is for this? In his guide Rahtz says of the Source Page, that "This page is a bit complex. It will allow you to select two source directories for your TeX Live system (Figure 2, at the bottom). You will need a local source directory and possible a remote source directory."  Is this what I am lacking?
I don't think I have been asked to create these source directories during the installation.
With kind regards
Bent Dalsgaard Larsen
Aarhus, Denmark.

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