[texhax] EuroBachoTeX 2007: "informinder"---reminder---appetizer :-)

Jerzy B. Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at uni.torun.pl
Wed Mar 28 13:01:26 CEST 2007

EuroBachoTeX 2007: "informinder"---reminder---appetizer :-)

                "TeX: Paths to the Future"

http://www.gust.org.pl/BachoTeX/EuroBachTeX2007 has good news:

1) the preliminary program, with (not all yet) abstracts
2) we have in total 51(!) program items, not to mention other
attractions like singing at bonfires, an excursion (details soon)
the banquet or the performance part.

The conference poster, authored by Andrzej Tomaszewski and based
on the logotype designed by Kasia Jackowski with the help of her
father, Boguslaw "Jacko" Jackowski may be used to advertise
EuroBachoTeX, cf.


This is the XVIIth EuroTeX and XVth BachoTeX. Interesting numerology:

a) 15 is a nice number for those who are decimal biased
b) the mean of the above numbers


is a nice number, surely attractive for binary biased (I won't
elaborate on the sum though... $$\sum=32$$).

Such occasions happen only once!

Registration, without penalty for late-comers are until March
31st. Reductions for GUST/LUG members! The hidden message: you can
still join! Register and come! The registration form is at:


Very much is happening recently: XeTeX, LuaTeX, new versions of
METAPOST i pdfTeX, ExTeX, the emergence of usable DVI-SVG
converters, to mention only some, should make us to stop for a
while and ask where this will lead to and how it will affect us.

In connection with this, M(a)r(e)k Ry\'cko "will challenge the
world" by jumping over "a hogshead of real fire"; if you feel
you don't understand what is meant here---you are
right---clarification in Bachotek, come!

Our special guest will be Han The Thanh, the creator of pdfTeX.
Occasions to talk to this remarkable man and being at his
presentations are rare, come!

Somebody, regretting that he can't come, wrote to the organizers:
"I realize that the density per square meter of TeXperts in
Bachotek is way above the norm."---and he was right! We mentioned
two of them already, and on the author's list are many more of
whom you heard and wanted to meet---come!

All participants will be able to present their TeX and TeX-related
works at the poster stands. Perhaps this will lead to new
developments and/or solutions?

No BachoTeX can be without the TeX Pearls session. Pawel Jackowski
is the Pearls collector (http://www.gust.org.pl/projects/pearls/).

Those who (temporarily) become tired of TeX, may participate in
Andrzej Tomaszewski's graphics design workshop and/or the hands-on
workshop "Handmade paper: a between of handcraft, art and fun" by
Grazyna Jackowski.

Lecture- and discussion-tired participants will regenerate their
wits and relax at the late evenings and nights singing at the
bonfire and not only there. Do not forget your musical instruments!

Come! Join in! Things are going to happen!

Jerzy Ludwichowski
(for the Organizing Committee)

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