[texhax] latex post-installation

bedl at post2.tele.dk bedl at post2.tele.dk
Tue Mar 6 12:23:00 CET 2007

I have installed LATEX from CD-ROM, bought with Mittelbach-Goossens The Latex Companion Sec.Edit. My pc is a HP Pavilion a1405.dk with Windows XP. The test with sample2e.tex is ok (latex-windvi-print). But the Danish characters do not come up. I suppose this is a question of post-installation configuration. Neither of the guides which followed the CD (Sebastian Rahtz and Karl Berry) can help me nor can FAQ (nothing about "post-installation"). It is said in the guides that after the main installation is done the remaining steps are to "configure the system for your local needs..." and that the program texconfig "is installed in the architecture-specific subdirectory TEXDIR/bin/arch along with everything else", but I cannot find neither such a path nor the configuration program. Can anybody help me? Thank you.
Bent Dalsgaard Larsen, Denmark.

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