[texhax] A question about LaTeX

Luis Cortés Barbado luiscob at telefonica.net
Wed Jan 31 11:41:22 CET 2007


I'm a LaTeX user and I'd like to know how to do some unusual work with it:

I'm writing a program in Visual Basic for my university (University of 
Extremadura, Spain). The program is prepared to elaborate a final 
document file with the information that the user has entered in the 
program forms. Until now, this document was written in RTF format, but 
results are not really good.

I wonder if there's any executable program that, alone itself (or with a 
few more files, but without installation, if possible) can generate PDF 
files from text files written in LaTeX. For example, any "executable" 
that, with something similar to this call:

C:\...\executable.exe  LatexText.txt  PdfFile.pdf  \pdf

builds the PdfFile.pdf document with the LaTeX written text file 
LatexText.txt. If it does exists such an executable, it would be nice if 
you could give me information about it, such as:

- How can I get it.

- More or less, how does it work.

- Possible problems with the language (document will be in Spanish, so 
maybe I shall write something like "\esp" within the calling line).

- If there's any legal problem on distributing it with my program, or if 
I'll need to pay something for it.

- How should I make the reference to the product in my program (in the 
"About..." window, for example).

Lot of thanks for the help.


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