[texhax] problem with \ref

Peter Flom Flom at ndri.org
Mon Jan 22 21:56:31 CET 2007

This has got to have a simple solution.....but

I have


To aid in the interpretation, figures \ref{F:predval} and
\ref{F:logpredval} show predicted values from several models for
various representative people: Ages 23, 29, and 39 (the 25th, 50th,
and 75th percentiles), male and female, and at the three levels of
drug use. In the first figure, we see that by far the highest
predicted risk is for female IDUs.  We also see that age makes
little difference, but appears to be slightly higher in the middle
of the age range.

\begin{figure} \label{F:predval}

Figure \ref{F:logpredval} shows some different aspects of the
predicted values.  Here, it is easy to see that, for people who use
either marijuana or no drugs, sex makes very little difference in
number of partners; for users of other non-injected drugs it makes a
moderate difference, and for drug injectors it makes a very large

\begin{figure} \label{F:logpredval}

The two figures print with the same label, i.e.

it prints out 

To aid in the interpretation, figures 2 and 2.....

(there is one earlier figure)

the two figures print as they should.....that is, they are different

Has me baffled......

TIA as always


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