[texhax] Footnotes: Numbering

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Jan 3 13:35:33 CET 2007

I am answering to Pierre outside the list, it is a special issue
concerning typesetting critical editions (http://ednotes.sty.de.vu).
If you are interested though, please mail to me.
-- There might be a mailing list for critical editions
-- if I knew how to create a mailing list managing itself automatically

-- Uwe.

At 20:15 25.12.06, pierre.mackay wrote:

>>>It probably took me many days to discover that marks,
>>>TOC entries, penalties and vertical spaces must obey a certain
>>>order. The TeXbook passages on vertical lists must be read
>>>very diligently for this. It may need many days of suffering
>>>weird failures to achieve the appropriate degree of diligence.
>You inspire me to the same sort of research.  It could be the solution to 
>a nagging problem
>with manuscript references I have been having.   See 
>http://Angiolello.net, the transcription of
>the manuscript for the kind of thing I have in mind.  I want to key the 
>annotations to folio and line
>references and have them tracked in the page headers, so that in addition 
>to numbered pages
>I get the manuscript location that the commentary refers to.  I use marks, 
>of course, but it is
>quite possible that I could be using them more efficiently.

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