[texhax] two minor latex questions

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Thu Feb 15 22:22:22 CET 2007

Zbigniew Nitecki skrev:
> 1. Sometimes, when I want to denote a function in the usual way, viz 
> f(x) or \theta(x) I get more space between the function name and the 
> first parenthesis than I want.  How can I control that, in particular in 
> the context of a macro  (eg, 
> \newcommand{\of}[2]{\ensuremath{#1(#2)}} 
> used as
> \of{f}{t})?

When does that happen? You can insert a negative space \!

> 2. When I want to use "dot" notation for the time-derivative of a vector 
> quantity (that is, a symbol surmounted by an arrow, and then by a dot) I 
> have been using
> \newcommand{\vecdot}[1]{\ensuremath{\accentset{.}{\vec{#1}}}}
> but the "dot" in this case is so tiny as to often be lost.  How do I get 
> a larger dot?

Why not use \dot ?


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