[texhax] LaTeX in old computer

Torsten Wagner torsten.wagner at fh-aachen.de
Fri Feb 2 14:33:48 CET 2007


I can serve with a very exotic candidate.
A few years ago I used the following combination:

a Psion 5mx (handheld computer @ 36 MHz ARM710T RISC CPU, 640 x 240 
Pixel Touchscreen, 4-bit Grayscale, 32 MB RAM, EPOC OS )

XTM software Emulator to emulate full 80186 instruction set with 8087 
math coprocessor.

EmTeX to perform TeX-runs.

The complete set-up was about 18 MB in size including a MS-DOS OS and 
some other programs.

Result: It was a nice task to demonstrate the possibilitiy to run TeX on 
a Psion PDA. However, due to emulation it was rather slow. Finally a 
good DVI-viewer or DVI2PDF converter was missing.

Furthermore, I know that people use LaTeX on there Zaurus PDAs under Linux

Conclusion: I guess (La)TeX run on many many and even exotic machines. 
Age is not important. That might be due to the long development time of 
TeX, which survived many machines and OSes and the fact that many (not 
all) users are on the other hand enthusiastic computer freaks. Porting 
something from one machine to another or from one OS to another one is 
fun for them.


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