[texhax] LaTeX in old computer

Alan Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Thu Feb 1 21:29:04 CET 2007

Hi Jay,

Jay Hammond wrote:
> So Phil is right, TeX runs fine on an OLD machine. But your readers
> may want to run eTeX, which is more demanding. I have a 1GHz PC
> running Windows XP with 0.5Gb Ram about 4 years old that runs modern
> TeX distributions fine. If that's an old machine, then no, no probs.
> Do other users have experience of  intermediate age machines with
> TeX?

My daily machine is a PII 400 with 256Mb RAM, running Win2K. I use MikTeX on
it and either edit with WinShell or TeXnicCentre. The computer is about 7
years old and I am in no hurry to retire it.

It's quick, albeit slower that the 1.8Ghz Powerbook. But at those speeds, to
be honest, fast is fast and I don't really see much difference between 1Ghz
and 2Ghz since my brain runs slower than both.

I think the main issue with the older computers is the use or resources like
memory, cache, storage requirements (HD size).


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