[texhax] LaTeX in old computer

Pierre MacKay pierre.mackay at comcast.net
Thu Feb 1 21:42:37 CET 2007

William Adams wrote:
> On Jan 31, 2007, at 9:17 PM, TEDY wrote:
>> Does anyone in this mailing list have experience running LaTeX or  
>> TeX in old
>> machine?
>> I just want to know how powerfull LaTeX for making document in low  
>> speed
>> processor, or low memory.
>> I'm being in process to write a book about LaTeX; in my book I want  
>> to show
>> that LaTeX can running well in old computer rather than word  
>> processor in
>> the same machine...CMIWW.
>> please share your experiences to me.
>> thanks for all of yours attention.
> Well, not too long ago, I was using miktex 1.20e on an AMD 586  
> @100MHz I think it was (in a Fujitsu Point 510), and now I'm using  
> the latest miktex as well as w32tex on a Pentium 233MHz.
You might check with Lance Carnes of PCTeX.  I think he started on XTs.  
I ran TeX and the UnixTeX distribution on a SUN-1 for quite a while, and 
TeXtures ran on an enhanced Macintosh Classic.  The problem would be the 
presence of enough virtual memory for all the complexity that has 
accrued in present-day LaTeX.

Pierre MacKay

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